Philips Norelco S9000 Prestige Qi-Charge Electric Shaver

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My young adult son started shaving recently and he’s been having a really hard time with using razors. I decided to surprise him with a nice electric shaver. So, me being the clueless woman that I am, began my search. My first stop was (of course😁). I’m never surprised, but I am always impressed by Best Buy and their consistent great selections. They always have such amazing deals. Also, keep in mind that if you find an item you’re looking for at another store for less money, Best Buy will honor that price! Best Buy is the best…seriously! Anyways, I really wanted to get him a wet/dry shaver, so that narrowed things down a bit as far as selection went. It didn’t take me long to decide on the Philips Norelco-S9000 Prestige Qi-Charge Electric Shaver  Best Buy has exclusivity on this latest shaver from Philips Norelco…it’s the first of its kind with a Qi charging base!
Philips has always been a trustworthy and reliable brand, so the fact that this is said to be Philips best razor speaks volumes to me. This shaver offers Philips’ closest shave. It provides a significant reduction in redness and burning, which is especially great for people with sensitive skin. I have no regrets at all, this is one nifty electric shaver! Keep reading to hear the rest of the details of this shaver.

The goal here was to buy a razor that would provide my son with an easier shaving experience. I must say the goal was achieved and then some. He absolutely loves it! With the S9000 you can shave dry or use water, foam or gel for even better gliding and a smoother skin feeling.
This shaver has ‘ContourDetect’ heads. These heads move in 8 directions to follow every contour of your face, even catching hair in hard-to-reach areas like the neck and jawline. Shaving heads are surrounded with SkinComfort rings, which have a special protective coating so the shaver glides smoothly over your skin.

The are so many more awesome features that the
Philips Norelco-S9000 Prestige Qi-Charge Electric Shaver offers!
A few of my favorites are:
The BeardAdapt sensor – helps effortlessly shave off even a dense beard. The BeardAdapt sensor- checks hair density 15 times per second and automatically adapts the shaver to your hair.
The SmartClick precision trimmer – helps to finish your look. It’s ideal for maintaining your mustache and trimming your sideburns.
The Qi Charger – allows wireless charging

If you’re ready to maintain a clean look, head on over to Best Buy to grab this wet and dry Philips Norelco electric shaver now…you won’t regret it!



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