Hide Annoying Cords With The Legrand In-Wall TV Power Kit

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Hide Annoying Cords With The Legrand In-Wall TV Power Kit

Do you have a flat-screen TV hung on your wall and ugly cords messing up your view? If you answered yes and you also love DIY projects than the Legrand In-Wall TV Power Kit will be the perfect choice for you. Do DIY projects intimidate you? No worries…this is actually very easy, I promise! This kit provides easy routing of TV power and HDMI cable in-wall, with no electrical wiring required. Keep reading for more info!

If you’re anything like me, than unnecessary clutter can really annoying. Some clutter isn’t much of a problem because you can usually just organize and clean things up to solve the problem. But when it comes to the entertainment area of my home, the amount of cords that seem to keep accumulating just don’t have a spot anymore. And my Mother always told me everything has a spot, so put it away lol. Well, my Mother would be happy to know that I have solved this issue.😁 Jealous? Don’t be! Just grab the Legrand In-Wall TV Power Kit at your local Best Buy! Here are a few things that make this product awesome & easy to install:

Compatible with any TV brand
Ensures flexible use.
Easily expandable
Extends power to a wall mount TV without modifying the home’s existing electrical wiring.
Duplex receptacle
Powers multiple devices such as a TV, speaker bar or internet media box.
Recessed receptacle
Supports almost any type of power plug including right angles and wall warts.
Unique decorator based power inlet strap
Provides flexible project support for ganging other connections.
Hides both power and AV cables
For a clean, professional installation.

Preparing For My DIY TV Project #NoMoreClutter


Connect your television to cable and electricity in seamless style with this Legrand flat panel recessed connection kit. In-wall storage takes control of cables and wires to eliminate tangles across your floor, and a white decorator plate provides a finished look.

I must say, I really enjoyed this project. It took me around two hours to complete, but I also was not focusing solely on the project itself. I am a mom, and we all know that moms are multi-taskers. So, that was me…I was cooking dinner,entertaining my son and installing my Legrand In-Wall TV Power Kit. It was an interesting yet productive day!
I inserted a link below to a video that really made things so much easier. Her instructions are very detailed and she explains it in a simple way. I’ve never done a DIY project like this before,so I may or may not have been a bit intimidated. 😁 But, once i got going I felt like a pro – kind of lol. Seriously though, I feel like I did a really good job! Everything is really clean looking and clutter-free, and that was my goal. 

Learn more about how this product works by watching this quick video HERE

The Legrand In-Wall TV Power Kit Is Compatible with any TV brand and it is available at Best Buy!


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