Invest with ABLE United and SAVE–Here’s How!

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Able United is celebrating National Financial Literacy Month with an informative webinar educating you on how you can save tax-free, and invest for you or your disabled loved one’s future.

Results from the National Disability Institute’s report on Financial Capability of Adults with Disabilities tell us that people with disabilities are having more difficulty than others covering expenses, paying bills, saving, coming up with funds in an emergency, planning ahead, and effectively managing money. In fact, responses to a survey measuring basic financial knowledge showed that individuals with disabilities showed to be twice as challenged compared to individuals without disabilities.

Financial decisions impact our everyday lives, from budgeting for weekly groceries to determining investment options for retirement. Financial literacy is the first step to achieving financial independence; however, many in our community need resources and targeted education to help them better understand the issues affecting their finances – particularly the disability community.



How to Save and Invest with ABLE United Webinar
Thursday, April 19th
12 – 1 P.M. EST
If you’re not already an ABLE United account holder, sign up today by visiting
and start saving for a better life experience – and make sure to use
“CRAYZBEES17” upon sign-up to receive a free enrollment package.

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