Plan for the Future with ABLE United

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Plan for the Future with ABLE United

If you are a person with disabilities or a parent/guardian of a person with disabilities, then I’m sure you have worried about your financial situation and what your future holds many times. It’s very scary to think about and you are not alone.

America Saves conducted a survey and according to this survey only 40 percent of households are making some sort of progress in their savings. But more than 27 percent of households report no progress at all. The numbers for the disability community are even more unfortunate – the National Disability Institute reports that an estimated 1.9 million households that include an individual with a disability do not have a checking or savings account. Many lack adequate financial education and the necessary tools to grow their savings. Until now, some were not even provided the same opportunities to save as the general population.

If you are a Florida resident with a disability you may qualify for the ABLE United program. This is life changing!  Before May of 2015 you could risk being penalized and/or risk losing your benefits simply for trying to save for your future. Thanks to the ‘Florida Achieving a Better Life Experience Act’ that Florida Governor Rick Scott signed into law, financial stress is one less thing families with disabilities will have to worry about. This program means that you are now able to save up to $14,000 per year for the future without negatively affecting your disability beneits! ABLE United has also generously waived fees until July 1, 2018!



Parents of children with special needs such as myself, have enough to worry about. Taking financial worries off that list will set your mind at ease. We all deserve to feel secure in our future and ABLE United does just that.

Individuals with disabilities who rely on government means-tested assistance programs to meet their needs were previously limited to only $2,000 in assets. This effectively prevented them from planning for the future and forced them to live in poverty. But now, this $2,000 asset limit is no longer a barrier.


Check out some of the benefits of ABLE accounts:

– Access

– Flexibility

– Funeral and burial payments

– Doesn’t require attorney

– No monthly cost or cost to open

– Already approved by SSA and Medicaid

But you may be asking yourself, how does an ABLE account compare to other financial planning tools, such as a special needs trust?  Join ABLE United along with special needs attorney Travis Finchum in a discussion of the attributes of both types of accounts, to help you determine the best choice for yourself and/or your loved ones.

RSVP now! VISIT HERE to register for this Webinar! Begins Thursday October 26 at 12 Pm EST .

Please use this special code when you register: CRAYZBEES17

To learn more about the ABLE Program, visit their website.


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