The LG Insatview Refrigerator at Best Buy

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So, my Aunt is redecorating her kitchen and we were browsing our local Best Buy for appliances and you wouldn’t believe what we came across. The coolest applience my eyes have ever seen! The LG Insatview refrigerator! When you knock twice on the door, the tinted glass panel lets you view the items in your refrigerator without ever opening the door! I’m one to get excited about appliances, but this particular one made my heart skip a beat! 😍

 This fridge is the bees knees, are you kidding me? Where has this been all of my life? I live in a house full of kids (plus one big kid😏😜) who seem to think that there’s some kind of food fairy that magically puts food into the refrigerator every 5 minutes. Because that’s how often they open and shut that refrigerator, no lie. I’m so exited about this! Yes, I really am lol. I know it’s just a fridge but this really changes the game folks. Especially in my house- where on any given morning, I can wake up to the refrigerator being open all night long because my autistic son left it open in the middle of the night. 😳😫 That alone, makes me re-think the refrigerator I have in my house now. Not to mention that it will save energy and my food would stay much colder. It even has the ‘ColdSaver Panel’ which further cuts down on the cold air loss ,which in turn my food stays fresher longer. This is so cool! 😎
(pun intended)😜

The LG Insatview refrigerator does these cool things all while looking extremely cute! It’s sleek design has me daydreaming of what corner in my kitchen this beautiful piece of work will sit in! AND it’s fingerprint resistant! Hello and come to Momma! 😅 Seriously though,you have to see this refrigerator, it’s a must have! If you are looking for a new refrigerator or are re-decorating your kitchen, keep this fridge in mind, you’ll fall in love with it immediately!

The LG Instaview Refrigerator is available at your local Best Buy or at

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