Snickers Crisper are pure #Satisfaction

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I found a delectable little snack that I have become obsessed with!
I’m serious. It’s delicious, addicting and it changes the game if you’re watching your calorie intake. (100 calories-woot woot!)

Snickers has put a yummy twist on the original Snickers and presented us with the new Snickers Crisper! It’s the same SNICKERS you love, with a satisfying crunch! It has a delicious combination of crisped rice and peanuts topped with a layer of caramel and coated in creamy SNICKERS Brand milk chocolate.

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Drooling yet? Needless to say, Snickers Crispers don’t stay long in our house at all! I literally have to hide them from my kids! You know all about the secret stash, right? Mine is in my nightstand drawer and my work desk drawer…perfect for when I need a small snack that will hold me over until lunch or when I am craving chocolate or something sweet. What makes this candy the best is it only has 100 calories! Guilt free junk food! Hello!

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Snickers Crisper is so yummy that my mind started dreaming of ways to bake this into a scrumptious dessert! The possibilities are endless but my mind kept going to Brownies…yumm. I’ve been craving Blonde Brownies for a long time and Snickers Crisper seems like the perfect surprise to put inside.I went ahead and made it Ala mode (of course),then I drizzled caramel sauce on top along with some chocolate chips. It turned out fantastic,my family cleared the pan within an hour!

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What’s your mood like when you get hungry? (Hungry +Angry)
What other words can you invent to describe that feeling?
I find that I get really  ‘mean-gry’? (Mean+Hungry ) In other words very un-approachable, lol. Simple cure. Just throw a Snickers Crisper in my mouth and I turn back into my angelic self  🙂



Being ‘meangry’ does not feel good! We all have moments in our day that we’re just not ourselves because our belly is growling. Ditch the attitude & make your belly happy with a Snicker’s Crisper. They are available in the following sizes: SNICKERS Crisper Single, SNICKERS Crisper 4 to Go and SNICKERS Crisper Medium FUN SIZE Bag (12 count).
You can purchase SNICKERS Crisper online at and in Walmart stores.


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