ClickWhiz The Premium Magnetic Construction Toy Review

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ClickWhiz The Premium Magnetic Construction Toy  Review

The finished project is so cool! Good Job TRE’!!!

Omg you guys,I usually don’t get so excited about a toy but the ClickWhiz The Premium Magnetic Construction Toy is the BOMB DOT COM! My son is 12 years old and has very severe Autism. One of his little quirks is he literally HATES toys. ANY toys at all. I know, I know…it seems weird that he likes nothing what so ever but it’s not like I don’t try. His teachers and I have bought him anything and everything a child would love but he has no interest.
So when I got the ClickWhiz The Premium Magnetic Construction Toy to review….I’m not going to lie-I was worried he would hate this toy. Now ME, myself had a BLAST setting things up for him. My kid tendencies came out REALLY fast 🙂 .

I think Tre (my son) took notice of that and he came over there and began to take over my cool project I had going on (the nerve lol) . Besides my son having Autism…he also hurt his hand when when was younger so his motor skills aren’t that great. That’s a HUGE reason I like this construction set…IT’S MAGNETIC! He doesn’t have to force anything, they just click together easily to create all kinds of things! Let your child’s imagination go wild! Touching, feeling, building and playing with Click Whiz will develop creativity,space perception and understanding of different shapes!

You Get: 1..811d

39 Pieces Total: 8 squares, 4 triangles, 2 fan shapes, 4 right triangles, 4 large gears, 3 small gears, 14 accessories and 10  symbol  cards that adhere to magnetic blocks. 26 alphabet, 10 number and 26 symbol cards that adhere to magnetic  structures.

3D Master Gear set allows kids to build movable aircraft, towers, bridges, animals, using 3D magnetic blocks and gears.

Build confidence in children as they develop understanding of different shapes, mathematical and scientific concepts by building    their own creations with motion.

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