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Sometimes, well a lot of times we put ourselves last. Why? Because we are so wrapped up in our kids,work,school and everything else under the sun that we procrastinate on our own health and well-being. Lets’s face it, sometimes there are not enough hours in the day to go to the Dr. It’s so easy to tell yourself it will go away or it’s not that bad. I know I do, and it’s usually because I know in reality I just don’t have time for the appointment making,the waiting room…ugh,going to the Dr is just overall time consuming. So when I heard about Amwell, it really perked my interest! Amwell is an awesome service that is composed of doctors, psychologists, dietitians and nutritionists. This fantastic team of Dr’s are a lifesaver because they are always available! And for me, that’s what made me really love them! No more worrying about my symptoms until my appointment because they are available at the touch of a finger. I recently experienced Amwell’s services on two different occasions for a severe headache I continued to have for about 5 days.


I chose to conduct my visit on my Amwell phone app. I’ve never been given medical advice this way, so I really wasn’t sure what to expect. To my surprise, it was super simple! I especially loved that you could choose your own Dr,some people have a male/female preference and with Amwell you can choose from the many Dr’s they have available. First, I logged on, then I chose an available physician from the categories given, I added my medical history and meds. They have an option to add health insurance but I I skipped that part since I was given a coupon code for a free visit. After I entered my code for my consult, I was then taken to a virtual waiting room while my Dr reviewed my records. I only had to wait about 2 minutes and I was connected with Dr David Mishkin.
Dr. Mishkin was extremely professional and very nice. As I was explaining my symptoms, he was was taking notes and he was very much into what I was saying. I really felt the genuine concern from him and that made me feel good knowing he was really paying attention. Dr. Mishkin was patient with my questions and proceeded to tell me his recommendations. I really like Amwell and  I would use this service again without hesitation. I loved the convenience of it and the physician was very friendly,helpful and professional. Again,I would definitely use Amwell again.


The services offered are very reasonable and affordable! Amwell has gained a fan here, I just love how convenient they are. This fits right in with my busy lifestyle. After my visit, I got a visit summary in my email and if needed I could have had a prescription sent to my pharmacy. Amwell is perfect!
Check out this video for more info!

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