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The holidays are coming and we are about to see beautiful decorations! Lights are going to be lighting up homes everywhere. Halloween and Christmas are two of my favorite times of year just because I love decorating and these are two of the funnest holidays to decorate on. Lights always set the perfect mood so I was thrilled for the opportunity to review the Phillips Hue White and Color LED Starter kit. They changed the game in lighting with this product! I am in love! It really reminds me of the holidays, buy there are countless other effects and moods you can set your lights to. You’ll love discovering everything these lights are capable of.


I received 3  bulbs and a bridge that connects to my wireless router. When connected to your Wi-Fi  device, you can create your own mood-setting color schemes, or enjoy the right light setting for reading, relaxing, concentrating and much more. You can also easily maintain an automatic schedule while you’re vacationing – so that it looks like you’re home. You can make disco lights if you have a party or you can use the “Fireplace” setting for a beautiful soothing glow. The possibilities are endless. There are plenty of free apps that you can download so you can get all the cool scenes. One of my favorite apps is the HUE app. Very simple app to use with tons of settings.


I will never settle for regular light-bulbs again! I can’t tell you enough how awesome this product is. Everybody who comes over falls in love with these lights. They are a must-have! The bulbs were upgraded to a 800 lumens. A19 bulbs will provide you with a brighter light that can also be controlled individually or in combination with colors.
Works with Apple HomeKit (iOS users) so you can control your lights with Siri voice control on your iPhone. Turns your existing hue lights into HomeKit controllable lights and discover exciting new use cases through 3rd party homekit apps that also control door locks thermostats and more. Also OpenHome certified, so you can create your own ecosystem

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Give your home a beautiful glow! Pick a color or a scene.

Check me out while I play with different party scenes and see how amazing the Phillips Hue White and Color LED Starter kit is.


Now that you are in the loop about the Phillips Hue White and Color LED Starter kit . I can tell you about the Phillips hue Go, this is my new little tag a long. I absolutely love everything that Hue has. and the Hue Go Light is one of them. This light is so cool. It’s sitting on my desk now glowing perfectly.


So, what is Hue Go? It is a portable, completely wire free smart light that offers tons of versatility for any lighting need. I like to bring mine on my patio at night while I read or I love it when I do yoga and meditate. You can either plug it in or charge it so it can be wireless. It gives you with up to 3 hours of battery life. Even though the Hue go is not waterproof, it is designed to withstand high humidity. hue Go helps you to wake up fresh and energized in the morning with deep dimming. The gradually increasing light intensity gives you the feeling you are waking up from sunrise – gently and naturally.

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These days, we are so dependent on WiFi and that can be very draining when you have a big family with a lot of devices. Now that you’ve heard about the awesome lights Hue has to offer, I need to tell you about the Netgear® Nighthawk™ DST Router. The Netgear® Nighthawk™ DST Router was designed by Netgear, an industry leader in the networking world, and Best Buy, to help provide consumers with an easy, all-in-one solution to support their home’s connected devices. Having this router means no more strain on the home’s network.  This high-performance router was built to support 10+ connected devices – you can also prioritize devices for streaming videos or music, and included advanced features for lag-free gaming!

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If you experience dead zones in your home or your network is slow when everyone is on it, you know how frustrating that can be.Me being a blogger, having a fast internet connection is very important to me for my work. This amazing router takes all that away and gives you a fast connection. Since setting mine up , I see a huge difference in speed and I love it.


It also comes with one DST, or “Dead Spot Terminator,” adapter – to eliminate your Wi-Fi dead zones; place it in an area where you get little/no reception, to improve Wi-Fi access. Additional adapters can be purchased for other dead zones. Perfect for big homes or homes with more than one story.

Best Buy makes it easy with this new high performance Wi-Fi router, which includes a Wi-Fi extender and Geek Squad Set Up and Support via phone & web, for one full year.

     The Geek Squad service via phone & web allows customers to call or get help 24/7 whenever they want, vs. the need to schedule an appointment.

For more information about Philips hue Personal Wireless Lighting Start kit or the Netgear® Nighthawk™ DST Router, please visit Best Buy on their website.



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