Fruision Pro is my new favorite thing! #infusedwater

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Fruision Pro is my new favorite thing!

Allow me to share why I am in love with the simple yet genius Fruision Pro Water bottle. This bottle has made my family into water drinkers. I , along with my family do not like water and hardly ever drink it. As their Mom ,I’m not going to lie…I feel responsible for that. My habits have definitely rubbed off on them.They are serious pop and juice drinkers. Me telling them to drink water because it’s good for you just isn’t the same as me setting that example by drinking it. Kids are more likely to do what you do—not what you say. So when I had the chance to review the Fruision Pro Water Bottle Infuser I was really happy to do so.

Look at my son! He is LOVING water now! Who would have thought?

Fruision Pro[TM] Infuse Water with Fruits / Veggies: Weight Loss Detox Juicing Leak-Proof Shatter-Resistant Tritan Plastic Neoprene Insulating Sleeve Dishwasher Safe BPA-Free 28 oz Infuser Bottle.


Why drink water?
Hydration is the cornerstone of a healthy body. Water flushes toxins from the organs and carries nutrients to the cells. Every day, your body expels water – through perspiration, breathing and waste elimination. It’s up to YOU to replace it. Not keeping your body sufficiently hydrated makes your heart have to work harder, causes digestive disorders, fatigues you and results in weight gain.
Infusing your drinking water with fruits, vegetable and herbs does more than just tantalize your taste buds. Infused water recipes detoxify and help flush fat from your body, accelerating weight loss.

Why the Fruision Pro Water Infusion Bottle?

The Fruision Pro Water Infusion Bottle has larger capacity than most competitor’s infuser bottles, allowing you to hydrate with fewer trips to the kitchen. The Fruision Pro lasts through your entire workout, and the included Neoprene sleeve ensures that your last sip of infused water will be as refreshing as the first one.  Why? Because the sleeve is as tall as the bottle–giving you maximum fruit infusion. I’ve seen other bottle that the fruit is just at the bottom half. I really LOVE this bottle’s design! They also make their bottles with the best shatter-resistant Tritan plastic, free of BPA or other toxins. I also love the insulator sleeve which keeps my water nice and cold.

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