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PicJoy App

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PicJoy is an intelligent photo library that automatically organizes all of your precious photos and helps you locate them instantly. Can you imagine having all of your photos organized? That’s what’s so exciting about PicJoy.

Record the details and stories behind each of your photos.
Watch Picjoy instantly organize your photos for you – no matter where they are stored!
◆ FIND ◆
Search by category or keyword to retrieve any photo you’ve ever taken right from your mobile phone.

I admit it–I have ocd in the worst way when it comes to my house being super organized, and my phone honestly makes me crazy if it’s not organized! Picjoy has become my best friend! This app helps to keep all of my photos and videos organized & ready to go whenever I need them! Which, is a lot because I am a blogger AND a MOMMY :).
As if this app couldn’t get any better, there has been an awesome update! I can now download and tag multiple pictures. You can even write a story with pic to make sure you never forget the moment. And I also love that I can just search the name and boom the pics pop up. Everything is faster and easier with this update and I am beyond happy about it!
I swear, I take at least 1000 pics a week if not more. Everything is a picture,lol. I actually feel bad for my kids because they KNOW taking a picture is going to be involved in whatever we do. They’re always ready to pose lol. I love how Picjoy lets you tag your favorite pic and then tell a story about your selected group of photos.  This app will stop the endless scrolling while looking for a certain pic. It’s one pic app for your phone that is a must have!


Picjoy photo app will also be available for the Android
market on Google Play soon so be looking for it!

WYR 3 from PicJoy on Vimeo.



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