FREE $5.00 TARGET Gift Card!

FREE $5.00 TARGET Gift Card when you purchase two TIDE Products at Target!


    • Stock up and save on the following Tide products, all containing 25% more detergent for FREE.


    • 125 oz. Tide Original HE, 125 oz. Tide Original non-HE


    • 125 oz. Tide Free HE, 125 oz. Tide Free non-HE


    • 115 oz. Tide Sport HE, 115 oz. Tide Sport non-HE


    • 115 oz. Tide Plus Downy HE, 115 oz. Tide Plus Downy non-HE


    • Buy 2 get a $5 Target Gift Card


    • 1 cap of Tide = 6 caps of the leading bargain brand


  • 2X the Tide at a HOT price

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