WowWee MiP Robot Review

WowWee MiP Robot Review

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*WowWee sent me the MiP Robot free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion and review


Meet MIP… your new Robot friend! MIP is the gesture controlled robot with big personality! Out of all the Toy Robots that WowWee sent me, this is the by far the best! I My son has not put it down since we opened it. This robot is amazing and for $99, I think it’s a steal. The gameplay my son is getting out of MIP is endless! And I have to admit, I love playing with it too. He is really entertaining and super easy to program. MIP is controlled by its free app powered by an iOS or Android smartphone. You can drive it, play games & more.

Feeling lazy? Thirsty? MIP will bring you a beverage! wowwee_mip_a3

Thanks to innovative equipment, MiP responds to motions, be it your hand or an object. Effortless navigation, MiP is always trying to please.
Your new buddy likes to have fun, and invites you to join. Show some praise, and MiP will be your new best friend, but push it down, and you’re in for an angry robot! Swipe in any direction, and MiP will follow. Clap twice, and MiP will play it back.


Make sure you visit Wowwee and check out other amazing toys your kids will love.
Christmas is coming so make a great impression with a Wowwee robotic toy




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