Tipster Robot By Wowee Review

Tipster Robot By Wowee Review

tipster WowWee NOOMIE Review
*WowWee sent me Noomie free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion and review

The Tipster Robot is one of the holiday season must have gifts! Hark-the-Herald-Angels-Sing-Snoopy Tipster is an electronic learning robot.This is WowWee’s first ever entry-level robot. This robot is perfect for young children! It helps in developing and sharpening your child’s fine motor skills, and at the same time they will be having a blast.

Tipster likes to act silly,walk, play,balance and spin. It can tip when weights and balances are used.

Easy Remote Control With 5 Play Modes
Tippy Tunes: See how much you can build on Tipster before the music stops! Stack it up high and then watch it all fly!
Dizzy Builder: Build on Tipster as he spins around and counts down from 10! There are three rounds to this game, each one trickier than the last. Count them up and beat your score!
Tipster Takedown: In this game, Tipster tells you exactly what to put on his trays. Then, grab the remote control and drive him around until everything falls off!
Tipster Trix: Place Tipster on his RoboBarrel and watch him keep his balance! Drive him around and see if you can make him tip!
Free Play: Directed solely from your child. Use the remote control to drive it around, and listen close for building cues. This robot  will keep your kids busy and happy for hours.
Tipster by WowWee was selected by Family Fun in 2014 as a Toy Fair Favorite.  1606962_907058952637928_6188319620509669461_n Make sure you visit Wowwee and check out other amazing toys your kids will love.
Christmas is coming so make a great impression with a Wowwee robotic toy




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