SockPanda Socks Review


I was sent products from SockPanda free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion and review.
SockPanda isn’t just the name brand of these socks, it’s so much more!
So, besides unique,adorable socks, what is SockPanda you ask? Sock Panda is a sock subscription service that sends you high quality socks with fun designs every month!

I love that I get to review these adorable socks from SockPanda. Believe it or not, socks are a very popular subject in our house. I have an eleven year old son with severe Autism and he doesn’t understand a lot of things, but he does understand socks. He has this weird obsession with them that is kind of funny. Come to think of it, our whole family has a weird kind of love for socks. You wouldn’t think somebody could get that excited about socks… but we do, lol. And now, after trying SockPanda’s socks… we are even more obsessed! When I received my socks I was overjoyed with the selection they sent me. My favorites were the purple Jimi Hendrix socks, but my brother loved them more so I let him have them snce they were Men’s lol. Needless to say, he was thrilled. You seriously have to go check out all of the cool socks on SockPanda’s website! They have Men, Women and children socks available.


These are such fun socks! The panda creates socks with colorful designs that are made of high quality materials, usually 85% Peruvian cotton.  Some are bright and colorful, some are more subtle. All of them have patterns or graphics that will get compliments. You will receive different designs every month.

SockPanda also offers a Gift Box that you can purchase for $60. They will send 6 (six) pairs of awesome socks as a gift from you!
Select Men, Woman, or Kids and make somebody really happy this Christmas with these adorable socks.


(The Gift Box is NOT a subscription-It is a one-time purchase)

Their subscriptions start at $11 a month, allowing you to get a nice fashionable surprise in the mail every month!



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