Love Cooking Baking Pans Review

Love Cooking Baking Pans Review


Love Cooking Company sent me their products free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion and review,

Love Cooking Company is an awesome company that is a proud partner of the Mrs. Fields Company. Their wonderful baking history blended with the innovation and mission of the Love Cooking Company is an unbeatable recipe that will spread more love around the world! Love Cooking Co. The products are designed to simplify cooking, baking, and storing items in your kitchen. With these amazing products,you can create fun new dishes with a quicker and easier process from prep to serve.
I was sent three amazing and unique pans to review from Love Cooking!


I was the sent The Fill N Flip Filled Layer Cake Set
With the Fill N Flip pan you can create a surprise center by adding your favorite fillings to the inside of your cakes!
I see German Chocolate Cake in my near future with this pan.That will be my practice for the Holidays coming up. My mind is going crazy with all the delicious desserts that I can make!


I was also sent the The Cupcake Cone Pan!
I think this is the cutest idea ever! I will be using this pan for my sons birthday cupcakes for school this year.There are so many different ways to go about making these.You could do cute designs, or you could take it up a notch and make cute characters like Elmo or Mickey Mouse.An ice cream cone cupcake is the perfect easy-to-eat dessert for birthday parties and school events! With the Mrs. Fields Cupcake Cone Pan™, you simply fill a flat-bottomed ice cream cone with your favorite cake batter and slide into the slots on this specially designed pan to bake. Baking these sweet treats has never been easier!

And last but not lease, my very favorite- The Brookie Pan
Perfect for creative cooks that want to deliver a sweet surprise in every bite, Mrs. Fields’ Brookie Pan allows users to bake delicious cookies inside of moist brownies. But the possibilities are endless with this pan. When I first saw this I immediately started thinking about what else I could use besides a cookie. I, of course, thought of cream cheese immediately. I made the Brownies with cream cheese in the middle and topped each one with different candies and strawberries. It was REALLLLY good. Then I started thinking. Hmm, I could make my own danishes with cream cheese filling too! Oh boy,at this point my mind really started wandering to the non-sweet side.I’m definitely going to try a flaky biscuit as the base.I’ll fill the middle with an egg and cheese mixture. Top it with some bacon (of course) and OMG. Ok, I’m getting hungry lol.This pan is going to be used so much.I’ll be sharing my creations with my Crayz readers,so keep an eye out! 🙂


These pans are going to get a lot of use. Especially during holidays.
They also make such a great gift! They are practical, inexpensive, high quality pans.
And FUN!  How could I leave that out!
The possibilities are endless! Make sure you grab yours, you won’t regret it!



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