Kids Acadamy KIDS APP Review

Kids Acadamy gave me the pleasure of reviewing three of their apps for kids!
I reviewed the Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games App first

This app is a MUST HAVE!


If you are always hunting for educational apps,you must check this app out for your little ones! My son adores this app! He has Autism and is also non-verbal so finding a great app that he engages in is very challenging. His Ipad is one of the only things he will engage in as far as any kind of toy so it is very important to me to give him a variety of things to do on it. My son easily he used this app and caught on very quickly. He navigated around like a little pro.The alphabet tracing was his favorite. This made me happy because it’s helping his fine motor skills as well as teaches him how to write his letters. Thanks so much for this app Kids Academy! I’m looking ofrward to more awesome apps like this.

Next, I reviewed Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Kids Games for Girls & Boys.


This app made my son one happy kid!! Kids Acadamy is really impressive.The apps that I’ve downloaded for my son have really helped him in so many ways.I really depend on apps like these to assist my child in learning. My son really had fun with this one.And I had fun watching him! He seemed to enjoy the music.It was also very helpful as far as sounding out his letters when he says his alphabet. He is nonverbal so it’s hard to understanding him.With the help of sounding out his letters,he was really trying to say it along with the app.Keep up the good work Kids Acadamy! These apps are heaven sent!

Lastly, I reviewed Best Kids Songs : Bingo


Out of the three apps that I was chosen to review,this has continued to be my sons favorite.We both have so much fun with this app everytime we use it!Tre can say AND spell B.I.N.G.O all by himself now.This is HUGE for him.I don’t even have to prompt him–he initiates singing all by himself! The graphics are very eye catching and bright! Which also plays a huge part in keeping Tre interested.Kids Acadamy apps make learning fun!That’s why I continue to love them.They are a part of my son’s daily routine.He’s learninge while he thinks he just having fun.Thanks again Kids Accadamy! I’ve shared these apps with other Mothers of children with disabilities and they just love them too! We will enjoy them for a long time to come! We can’t wait to see more apps for you!




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