Gripcase iPad Case Review

Gripcase iPad Case Review

I was really excited to be able to review the Gripcase iPad Case. First though,how about a little info about how Gripcase all started!
Gripcase all began with a two-year-old and a shiny $600 toy. For Christmas the creators bought ther son, Charlie, an iPad. Like many, they saw the value in tablet technology to engage and explore learning in a fun and innovative way.  They began drafting up a case that would fit the needs of their family. The design criteria were simple: 1. It would need to protect the tablet from the terrors Charlie could inflict; 2. It would honor the minimalist nature of the iPad and showcase its beauty; 3. It would be built with child-friendly materials, and 4. It would empower and inspire my son to explore his world.

Well they sure lived up to that and then some!Actually,the first time I saw the Gripcase,it was at my son’s school. My son goes to a special needs school because he has severe Autism. When I saw the Gripcase I immediately knew I wanted to review this amazing case.Tre’ has tried numerous other cases.He has had his Ipad for around 3 years so we’ve gone through many cases.Tre’ relies heavily on his Ipad, so protecting it from breaking has been my mission ever since he got it.
I’m not only a fan of the Gripcase but I am pretty certain(although he is non-verbal) that Tre is too. Out of all his case I asked him to point to the one he likes and Gripcase was the choice every time! It is definately designed with children in mind.These foam cases combine a central holder with a raised handle that runs all the way around the perimeter. This makes holding the Ipad easy and comfortable plus it’s super light! I chose red but they also come in black, blue, green, purple.
And check this out! They also have a Gripcase Stand that is sold separately for $20.
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There are cutouts for the Sleep/Wake and Volume buttons, as well as all of the ports. Other cases I’ve used make it extremely difficult to reach some ports.I think that is my pet peave because I don’t feel like taking the case off every time I need to charge his Ipad.So I was very happy about that.The foam is thick enough to prevent the Ipad from touching the ground if it is dropped,which is important to me as well.
This Ipad cover is a winner in my book.I would definitely recomend this case to Moms with children on the Autism spectrum or any child for that matter!You will not be disappointed.
Don’t forget the holidays are coming! This would be a great gift!
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Gripcase USA sent me an iPad Case at no charge in exchange for my honest review.


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