Big Grips Ipad Frame and Stand Review

Big Grips Ipad Frame and Stand Review




I received the Big Grips Ipad Frame and Stand in exchange for my honest opinion.
This iPad case is really nice! It’s kid-friendly,soft,squishy and easy to grip! They have really fun and bright colors to choose from.We actually went with the black case. (which is kinda boring and not so bright like the rest of the colors).But we have a lot of cases so we went with black because we don’t have a black one yet.


My son Tre is 11 years old and has severe Autism. I got him his iPad around 3 years ago and ever since then I’ve been on a mission to protect this life-changing device. We certainly can not afford to buy a new iPad whenever Tre drops it so a case for it was a must.
Like I said,we’ve tried numerous cases over the years with some success on a few and not so much on others!
I was really happy with this case.My son seemed to like it as well.

Since he has been using it,I’ve noticed fewer slips and drops.And the time or two he did drop it, there was plenty of cushion when it fell. This case really hugs and cradles your iPad,you do not have to worry about your iPad slipping out of the Big Grips Frame.
The only downfall that I can see with this iPad case is that the port to charge the iPad is really deep and very difficult to reach. The only way to charge the iPad is to take the case completely off which is kind of a hassle.But other than that this case was awesome!

Big Grips are also Non-toxic
BPA, lead and latex-free
Phthalate and PVC free
Easy to clean
Resistant to oils, chemicals, stains, molds, and germs

Make sure you visit Gripcase and check out the amazing accessories they have available as well.
You child will absolutely love this case and at the same time it will give you piece of mind knowing it’s protected!
This is a fantastic gift as well!

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I received the Big Grips Ipad Frame and Stand in exchange for my honest opinion.

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