PeachSkin Sheets Review

PeachSkin Sheets Review


PeachSkinSheets™ is based out of Atlanta, Georgia and features The Original Ultra-Soft Comfort Bed Sheet made from PeachSkin™ high performance fabric. PeachSkin prides themselves on being a quality company with a quality product, and going the extra mile for their customers. I know that you’ll LOVE sleeping on PeachSkin™ Softness!


I received a set of PeachSkin Sheets at no cost in exchange for my honest review.
I was super excited to review these amazing sheets! had some beautiful color choices! I went with Deep Crimson Red for my queen size bed.

 I immediately noticed the feel of the sheets as soon as I opened my package! Wow,I was really impressed with the softness!
The color was just what I wanted and when I put it on my bed,it fit my queen sized mattress with no problem. All I could think of was bedtime, lol.I was anxious to sleep on the softest set of sheets I’ve ever had!
Check out the advantages of these sheets!

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My favorite thing about PeachSkin Sheets is the Body Temperature and Moisture Management Technology.I get very hot at night and experience a lot of night sweats. Even when I have the ac on I’m always tossing and turning.I’m kicking off the sheets and flipping the pillow over numerous times a night! Since I’ve slept on my new sheets,I’m sleeping much more content at night. PeachSkin sheets aren’t clingy and they feel very light.These microfiber sheets breathe easily,helping to regulate my body temp.These are hands down the nicest sheets I’ve ever had and I will definitely be buying a few more sets! Christmas is coming and these sheets would make an excellent gift!
If you choose their “Colors of the Month” they’ll only cost $50 a set! You can’t beat that!
Check out the rest of their beautiful colors HERE!



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