Click ‘n Dig Review

Click ‘n Dig Review


I received a Click ‘n Dig Smart Item Finder at no cost in exchange for my honest review.

I swear the makers of Click ‘n Dig must have been thinking of me when they made this product! Where has this smart item finder been all my life? Click ‘n Dig is my new best friend! I lose EVERYTHING! Not kidding! There is not a day that goes by that I don’t misplace my keys or remote. With Click ‘n Dig I can get my sanity back,lol. No more being late because I can’t find my keys.No more blaming my kids for losing the remote.I’ve even attached one to my purse! Why not! You can never be too safe.Set up is extremely easy.

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Click ‘n Dig includes an RF Transmitter with 6 color coded buttons, 6 different colored RF Receivers(3 key rings & 3 thin plates) and 3 double sided tape peices to attach the receivers to your commonly misplaced articles.
The receivers all come with the batteries pre-installed,and get this….they even give you a complete set of extra batteries!
Before you attach the receivers on your chosen items,make sure you pull out the tabs. Once you attach your receivers the rest is SUPER easy!
Just press and hold the button on transmitter down for 2 seconds. The receiver beeps and lights up until you find your item!
The Click ‘n Dig transmits waves that can penetrate cushions,walls,doors and more! I promise,you’ll wonder how you ever went without this product! I’d say it’s a MUST HAVE! Christmas is coming and this would be a big hit as a gift!
You can purchase a Click ‘n Dig HERE

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  1. I lose my remote control all the time, this would help so much!


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