Kids Acadamy KIDS APP Review

Kids Acadamy gave me the pleasure of reviewing three of their apps for kids!
First,I reviewed the Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games App and loved it!


I am always looking for educational apps for my son. He has Autism and is also non-verbal so this is sometimes a huge challenge for me. His Ipad is one of the only things he will engage in as far as any kind of toy so it is very important to me to give him a variety of things to do on it. I was very surprised to see how easily he used this app. He navigated around like a little pro.He loved the alphabet tracing. This made me happy because it’s helping his fine motor skills as well as teaches him how to write his letters. I almost cried watching him with this app-it was amazing to see how he connected with it. Thanks so much for this app Kids Academy! I’m looking ofrward to more awesome apps like this.

Next, I reviewed Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Kids Games for Girls & Boys.


I was so happy to review this app! Kids Acadamy has really impressed me with the apps that I’ve downloaded.As a parent with a chid on the Autism spectrum,I really depend on apps like these to assist my child in learning. My son really had fun with this one.Actually we both did.We played on this particular app for almost an hour. That is unheard of in this house.He does NOTHING for an entire hour.He really loved it.He seemed to enjoy the music.It was also very helpful as far as sounding out his letters when he says his alphabet. He is nonvervail so it’s hard to understand him.But with the help of sounding out his letters,he was really trying to say it along with the app.It was really cute to watch.Again Kids Acadamy,keep up the good work! These apps are amazing.

And last but not least I reviewed Best Kids Songs : Bingo


I’d have to say that out of the three apps that I was chosen to review,this has got to be me and my sons favorite of all.We really had fun with this app.We played BINGO for so long that I had B.I.N.G.O in my head for two days lol.The graphics were really clear and eye catching.My son was happy to clap along and spell out bingo.Kids Acadamy apps make learning fun for my son.That’s why I love them.They are now part of my son’s daily routine.He thinks he just having fun,but he’s learning too.Thanks again for these amazing apps! We will enjoy them for a long time to come!




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