Jello Can


 My kids always used to ask me to make a “Jello Can” all the time.

My Mom made it for me too.

Pour out liquid from a can of sliced pineapple .

Dissolve a 3oz. box of lime Jello in 1 cup boiling water (you could also use the pineapple juice and water to equal 1 cup liquid)

Pour hot Jello water over pineapple rings in the can.

Chill until set.

My son actually used to freeze it, but you don’t have to.He loved it that way 😛

Run hot water on the sides and bottom of can to loosen.

Then cut the bottom of the can and push the mold out.

Cut between pineapple slices and serve.

*You could also do this with other canned fruit and flavors of Jello, but you would lose the cute little pineapple ring effect.

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  1. Wonder if you could do the same with fruit cocktail? (:

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